A user thumbing-up a song

Intelligent software for your music

As your users thumb-up songs, BitShuva learns what each user likes and plays more of the good stuff. Each song is categorized by artist, album, genre, and user tags. When a user likes a song, BitShuva associates that song's artist, album, genre, and tags into its knowledge bank of that user, influencing what get played.

Going beyond Pandora and other radio stations, BitShuva uses the sum total of likes and dislikes for a song to influence its community ranking. Songs with higher community ranking get played for more users.

End result is that your users hear the music they like, and less of the stuff they don't. Use BitShuva for your internet radio station and your users will be delighted.


Modern web technologies

Want to do internet radio, but can't find something that works for your audience? Tired of radio tech from the '90s? BitShuva uses modern web technologies to play your music, with zero reliance on Flash, Silverlight, Real, or Windows Media. Zero plugins. Zero install.

What this means is that your users listen instantly -- no install required, no plugins to spin up. Even better, users can listen anywhere: PC, Mac, tablet, phone.

Sharing songs

Social radio

With BitShuva powering your radio station, your users form a community around your music. Rather than isolated music listening like Pandora, BitShuva allows users to socialize around your music through community song requests, community song rankings, and more.

Each song on your radio station has a direct link that can be shared out on social networks and blogs. BitShuva includes a Facebook app that lets users share their favorite music on their Facebook page. When their friends click the share, they're taken right to your radio station, growing your audience.

Music for your community

BitShuva for your community

Build a radio station for your community.

Whether your music is niche genre, indie music, or bringing your traditional FM station to the web, BitShuva makes it a reality and amplifies your music for your community.

Simply put, BitShuva is bleeding edge technology for sophisticated radio that will delight your audience.